Greener World Together


A tree is known for its fruit. In our case, GameCarePro is known for its actions, more specifically,  our eco friendly ethos. Caring for and improving our planet is more important now than ever before. GameCarePro cares about gamers and our world. So for each purchase the company, in association with #GameCareFamily, will plant a tree in the buyer's name.

Buyers can now contribute in an indirect way to the well-being of our planet. Spending those green bills will earn a green reward for our world. The name of the company, GameCarePro, perfectly describes who we are: a gaming network  crafted with care by professionals. What more could a gamer want?

Why should we care that GameCarePro is planting trees and being eco friendly?

We need to work together to fight against climate change. Only a few businesses are making an intense effort to offset their environmental impact. At GameCarePro, we offer a tree per purchase. 

What difference can one tree make?

As a potential buyer, you might be thinking, "Oh, please, what would one tree matter to the world?" However, the reality is that one tree can make a massive difference. For example, one full-grown tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen, remove dangerous pollutants from the lower atmosphere, and shift up to 800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year. These are mind-blowing statistics. GameCarePro will plant a tree for every purchase, so just imagine how much the environment can benefit. Treat yourself to something stellar today and do a favor for yourself and our planet by placing an order with us.

All eyes on GameCarePro

At GameCarePro, we have an extraordinary approach to business. We go one step further in ensuring that our customers get the best possible experience that money can buy. On top of that, we push ourselves to be environmentally friendly and proactive when it comes to gamers' needs. This company is ahead of the game!