Sponsors And Partnerships


Here at GameCarePro, we are focused on spreading the word about our brand by working with brands and influencers.

We emphasize working towards a better future for gamers. Read on to find out why you should be one of our sponsors.

Why Sponsor GameCarepro?

We have a mission to offer solutions to real problems that gamers face. If you think about it, avid gamers have more severe problems than losing XP in a game. Hours spent playing games online carry a penalty. Gamers may develop poor posture and feel body aches and pains after long gaming sessions. In addition, long sessions while seated puts pressure on the body resulting in weak posture and possible slumping.

Experts have designed ergonomic solutions that are a perfect fix to these struggles. When buying a GameCarePro product, you are prioritizing your health and giving your body a gift. Our products support muscles and help prevent any damage that prolonged gaming sessions could cause.

The results are better posture and a body that feels better and stronger than ever before. Our products don't just benefit the body, but the gamer's performance, too. Improved posture and overall body health lead to better body functions. So let’s work together towards improving posture, blood circulation and confidence!