Scientific Breakdown Of Our Products


Support is no longer just something you associate with customer support hotlines. Now, you can find the proper support for your body that assists with good posture. With cushions and pillows that offer the best spinal and back support, gamers and office workers can sit comfortably knowing that their bodies aren't feeling the stress of prolonged sitting at their desks.

The Future of Good Posture Solutions

Most office workers and players have experienced that awkward moment where you rise after working or playing for several hours, only to feel like you have aged 50 years. Straightening your back is painful and uncomfortable because you have been in a seated position for much longer than nature intended. We don’t often want to change our habits, but now we don't have to because of ergonomic solutions. Our products have been specifically designed for gamers and office workers and are expertly engineered to offer total support and ensure you have the best posture possible while spending time at your desk.

Having good posture also leads to better blood circulation, and therefore, faster and more accurate reaction times. Those are the words that gamers want to hear! In addition, our products have been made with our trademarked high-density memory foam that is unique because of its comfy marshmallowy feel.

Do our products truly stand out amongst our competitors? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons.


  • More support and longevity as it retains shape
  • Tension reduction due to unique memory foam 
  • Distribution of weight resulting in increased support
  • Adjust to the user
  • Minimizesthe side effects of prolonged play
  • Keeps you cool and collected during your game as it is designed to prevent sweat build-up
  • Great airflow
  • Zero negative spacing, so the cushion is in complete contact with the entire body
  • Optimal alignment of the spine
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better and faster reflexes
  • Dust-mite and bacteria prevention due to a unique mesh cover
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Durable and flexible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Guaranteed to see results within 7 days
  • Superior quality
  • Speedy delivery within 3 days of purchase

That is a very long list of pros. So now, let's examine the cons. Oh, wait, there are none! The fact that our products come with a lifetime warranty demonstrates the confidence we have in them.

Our products are designed over time with immense care. Our goal is simple: achieve amazing results for our customers! These products will not only change your life but last for a lifetime.

The next time you feel like you have been in a car crash when you stand up from your computer, imagine standing up with no discomfort after only 7 days of use. It may be hard to picture, but our products clap back against gaming discomforts. Take the first step to a healthy body today, and invest in an ergonomic solution like no other. GameCarePro products will become the tools you need to make you feel as fit as a fiddle in and out of your game!