The Platform

Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Designed by Experts in Ergonomics

Our seat cushion for office/gaming chairs is cleverly designed to increase comfort, improve posture, and enhance blood circulation

Level Up Your Hours

Lengthy sessions at your desk put pressure on your coccyx, sciatica, tailbone, back, hips, and legs. The Platform targets and supports those areas, providing pain-relief. keeping you comfortable in the moment and healthy in the long-run.

Enhances Circulation & Performance

An improved posture enhances blood circulation, which, in turn, improves your reaction time. , which, in turn, improves your reaction time.

Marshmallow Memory Foam

You need the highest-quality memory foam under your butt when you’re locked in the virtual world. Our orthopedic memory foam seat cushion stays uniformly dense no matter how long you work/play for

The Platform
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Designed for Gamers and Office Workers

Our research and development team has gamers in mind when designing each and every aspect of our products.

From our packaging down to the materials we use are designed for gamers.

Profit from numerous benefits ranging from improved posture to enhanced reaction times.

Unleash the insane gaming skills that are lying dormant within you.

Click here to learn about the science behind how our products will evolve your gaming abilities.

Marshmallow Memory Foam

The Platform retains its shape for increased support and longevity

Tension is the main reason why your body suffers from aches and pains, our marshmallow memory foam will drastically reduce tension resulting in a healthy body

Our responsive rebound technology evenly distributes the weight of the user for enhanced and balanced support of your back

Engineered to adjust according to the user’s weight

Marshmallow Memory Foam
Seat Cushion/Pillow Medical Illustration
Optimal Ergonomic Shape

The Platform removes negative spacing to ensure all points of the back are in contact with the cushion

Enables the user to achieve the optimal 46-degree lordotic spinal alignment

Corrects posture which will increase blood circulation resulting in faster reflexes

Designed to allow longer hours of gaming/working while minimizing the side effects

The Platform | Seat Cushion/Pillow comparison
Nano-stitch Mesh Cover
Nano-stitch Mesh Cover

Breathable moisture-wicking fabric is manufactured to improve airflow

Prevent the build-up of sweat, keeping you cool and collected during your gaming sessions.

Our anti-bacterial mesh cover will prevent dust mites and bacteria production

The cover is removable and can be washed at any time

Non-slip Rubber Grip

Our seat cushion comes with a non-slip rubber grip to ensure you stay pur no matter how intense your session gets

Works with all type of seats and chairs

Keeps your joints secure by preventing unwanted movement



Of our customers noticed a major improvement in at least one of their negative symptoms after using our products


Of purchasers would gift our products to family and friends for posture correction


Improvement in reaction time and reflex after use for a week


Frequently Asked Question

The delivery of your order depends on the location and shipping option you select during order checkout via our website. See the below table for the estimated delivery date of your order:

Orders within the US Standard Option – Within 5 business days
Next Day Delivery – Within 3 business days

Orders outside of the US Standard Delivery – Within 14 working days

Our products are primarily designed to aid blood circulation during gaming or prolonged sitting time. Generally, a good posture can benefit you in several ways when gaming, which includes improved confidence, improved reaction, improved, focus, reduced headaches, and a general rise in performance level.

Furthermore, our products help you stay comfortable while gaming (or typing or driving) for longer sessions – say up to 7 to 8 hours or more. This also helps you prevent neck pains, back pains and headaches.

Our products can be used by anyone, from office workers to cab drivers.

The Chiro-cone is made from marshmallow memory foam and support foam engineered to maintain it's shape while providing comfort and support. The cover is made using a top end, cross-stitched mesh that give it strength and elasticity.

Our products are made to last. We have achieved this by using sturdy materials that are designed to maintain their form.

On the off-chance that something does go wrong, we offer a lifetime guarantee. So you can go ahead with your purchase, stress-free.

It depending on how healthy your spine, neck, back, cervical, or waist is.

You will benefit from the increased comfort instantly, whereas other benefits such a spinal alignment, increase blood circulation and fewer aches and pains can be expected within 2 weeks of use.

Simply rest the flat portion on any chair you use during gaming or other activities. Sit on the chair with your new ergonomic cushion for added comfort.